TRemote Dashboard

TRemote Dashboard is a tiny touch button remote control. It connects to a host device via Bluetooth or USB Serial and can remote control various features, as well as launch apps and switch between them.

- 9 capacitive touch sensors (8 + 1)
- Dimensions: 68 x 41 mm, 7.2 mm tall, 18 grams
- Connects via Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Classic or direct USB
- Low power consumption of ~90 mA/h via USB 5V
- Extensible firmware

In the video below TRemote Dashboard controls a car computer.

Remote Control Functionality

- Media player control: stop, play, pause, previous, next, etc.
- Volume up, down, mute
- Launch apps and quickly switch between them
- Turn the screen of the host device off and on
- Run shell commands
- Send various intents
- Send various keyboard events