TRemote Host for ARM Linux

What is TRemote Host?

TRemote is a remote control system for computers. TRemote makes functionality, that is available on a computer, accessible via remote controllers.

TRemote runs loadable modules to implement specific wrapper functionality. You can think of these modules as "apps". But instead of mouse or keyboard, you interact with these apps using remote controllers.

This is how TRemote Audio Server was implemented. It consists of a jukebox module for MP3 and FLAC playback and a Web radio player module.

TRemote Audio Server lets you listen to high fidelity audio, independent of work PC's or personal mobile devices.

Screen recording demo - no audio

Remote controller for Android tablets

- Multipurpose Bluetooth LE remote controller
- Access to 64 programmable functions
- Very low power consumption
- Target device will be found automatically
- Suitable for controlling headless computers
- Dedicated tablet release (smartphone variant here)
- Android 6 and up