TRemote Host

What is TRemote?

TRemote is a Bluetooth LE framework. It makes functionality, that is available on computers, accessible via remote controllers. Apps that make use of the TRemote framework ("TR apps") do not need to write Bluetooth specific code.

One can think of it this way: TRemote Host is for Bluetooth apps what a web server is for web apps. Web apps work over IP networks, but they usually do not include IP network specific code. The web server takes care of that.

It is exactly the same with TRemote apps. They can communicate with Bluetooth controllers, but there is no Bluetooth specific code in TR-apps. The TRemote Host takes care of that.

And like it is possible to deploy multiple web apps on a single web server, it is possible to deploy multiple Bluetooth apps on a single TRemote Host. An interesting side effect is that a single Bluetooth remote controller can communicate with multiple TR-apps at the same time.

This is how TR-AudioServer and TR-NewsWall have been implemented.

Screen recording demo - no audio

Remote controller for Android tablets

- Multipurpose Bluetooth LE remote controller
- Access to 64 programmable functions
- Very low power consumption
- Target device will be found automatically
- Suitable for controlling headless computers
- Dedicated tablet release (smartphone variant here)
- Android 6 and up