TR-NewsWall delivers your news fast and beautiful.
It invites attention by creating an immersive, almost movie-like experience. It renders to any screen size.
It's like news going to the movies.

NewsWall is a multi-provider news aggregator. It can fetch Twitter, RSS, Atom and Instagram feeds. No more need to use multiple apps or work across multiple tabs to get all the news.

One outstanding feature is that all feeds will get combined into a single cohesive timeline. Even if you only combine two types, say, your Twitter and RSS feeds (including from Reddit, Hackernews and your favourite forums, etc.), the merged content stream will offer an exciting news reading experience.

You can traverse your timeline manually or let NewsWall push messages to your devices for hands-off operation.

NewsWall will not show you the same message twice, even if identical messages arrive through multiple channels. NewsWall can also suppress messages that are very similar (but not identical) in order to avoid repetition.

NewsWall is designed to work as a server on low-power Linux devices (Raspberry Pi or similar). No software installation required on client devices.


The small icon in the upper left corner indicates the content provider. A bigger icon below indicates the feed source. Quoted (or preceding) messages are shown together with the main message.


Here you find installers for ARM Linux. Free download for personal use only. No redistribution.

v2.0 Release Notes
v2.1 Release Notes
v2.2  Release Notes
v2.3  Release Notes
v2.4  Release Notes
v3.0-pre  Release Notes

Setting up

NewsWall is working with Raspbian/Debian 9 and 10.
Install and run:

    1. Unzip installer - cd newswall - ./newswall
    2. Point browser to: http://{host-ip}:9095

Configuration details

Features v2.0